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Nanou Mini Donuts Instructions


Our Mini Donuts are prepared with preservatives-free, high-quality raw materials, are freshly hand made and once are ready they go through deep freeze.

You can buy them frozen (-18°C) and you can also store them in your freezer so you can always have stock in case you and your guests have a craving for some amazing donuts.


To prepare the donuts all you have to do, is to let them reach room temperature.

This can take anywhere between 1,5 to 3 hours inside their box, depending on the outside temperature. During summer it can take around 1,5 hours and during winter around 3 hours.


TIP: If you take the donuts outside the box, in open space on a plate, the time can potentially drop to half, 45 minutes during summertime and 90 minutes during wintertime.

TIP: If you need the donuts for the next day during summertime you can place them in the fridge from the night before, sealed in their box and closed in a nylon bag. During winter you can just leave them in your kitchen table, inside their box, just before you go to bed.

Once the donuts are defrosted they cannot be placed back to the freezer. Note that are preservative-free products, are made to be fresh, therefore they are sensitive to multiple temperature changes and their life span once are fresh is limited. We suggest that are consumed within 18 hours once they are fresh.

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